Peer Support Matters

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Dr Nigel Rollin’s quote comes his article entitled ‘Why invest, and what it will take to improve breastfeeding practices?’ from the Lancet Series on Breastfeeding.

Quotes from health care professionals BfN works with:

“peer support should be the standard.”

“without BfN support breastfeeding rates would be shockingly less.”

“BfN is good at letting mothers finish [breastfeeding] when they want to, and also supporting them in the transition to other feeding.”

“We could not cope without them.”

Quotes from mums BfN have supported:

“made a real difference to me and my baby”

“I couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for the excellent information I received from a volunteer just at the right time”

 “the volunteer’s support was so effective compared to the health professionals. The key for me was that peer supporters are ‘mothers helping mothers’ – a personal service, whereas the midwives, though lovely, are just not the same”

“so grateful that someone came to my rescue and so I was able to feed my baby. Before the volunteer arrived I felt like I’d come up against a brick wall”.

“the volunteer visit made a massive difference to us, thanks to the information provided but mostly that we felt listened to and that our questions were answered”

“I was unsure when pregnant and was planning to combined feed. Attending an informal discussion with a BfN supporter at my local children’s centre I was inspired to try exclusively breastfeeding.”

“The help was invaluable, they have built my knowledge, skill and confidence on breastfeeding. With the provision of home visits, texts, calls and groups I have never felt alone in this.”

“After seeing my success in breastfeeding and how it doesn’t have to take over your life, my friend who is pregnant with her second child (who didn’t breastfeed her first) has decided to give it a real go this next time round.”

“As a new mum I had none of my own family living close and having worked full time had no other friends with young babies. BfN gave me a place to belong and a feeling of community. I think their support helped me fend off feelings of depression and helped me cope so much better as a mum. The groups were a real lifeline for me.”