24 Jun

Derbyshire knitted boob relay

Between the 20th and 26th June, Breastfeeding Network volunteers in Derbyshire are taking part in a knitted boob relay across the county.

Participants will be cycling, running, and walking the equivalent route of 170 miles to relay their knitted boobs, and taking in the locations of their usual drop in groups along the way.

Their aim is to let families in Derbyshire know that breastfeeding peer support is still available to them during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Just as partners have an important role in supporting a breastfeeding parent, the partners of volunteers will be joining in too – making the challenge even more fun for the entire family.

In partnership with Derbyshire Community Health, the volunteer peer supporters were quick to launch online support for Derbyshire families and have continued to run virtual drop in groups Monday to Friday. The groups offer evidence-based support, companionship and answer questions from parents about feeding their babies during these difficult times.

We are so proud of all of the volunteers who rapidly responded to the Covid-19 challenge. The Derbyshire team created videos to raise awareness of their groups and increase their reach. They have also hosted a series of Facebook lives covering maternal mental health, weaning and breastfeeding in a sling to name but a few. We’ve even seen volunteers taking part in live guest spots with other local baby groups, answering questions and sign posting mums back to BfN Derbyshire groups for further support as required. 

You can find out more about the knitted boob relay on the BfN Derbyshire Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/bfnderbyshire/