27 Jul

What Breastfeeding Looks Like

Images courtesy of @decuirinducinglactationstory, Gosia, @adaptiveparentproject, Kimberly, @nina_tame@hamofcydonia

Last year we asked you to send us images capturing what breastfeeding looks like for you and we were so pleased with the response.  This has allowed us to increase the range of diversity represented in our visual communication and for that we thank you!

This year we are running our campaign again to increase our bank of images further as we continue on our journey to truly reflect what breastfeeding looks like to all families we support. 

Here are some useful image guidelines:

  • While it would be lovely to see your face, if you’d rather remain anonymous and be cropped out, that’s fine too.
  • There’s no need to show a bare breast or nipple if you don’t want to.
  • We’re not looking for clinical “textbook” images, in fact quite the opposite. So don’t worry about turning your photo into a demonstration, we’d much rather see the human, everyday side of breastfeeding.
  • Your photo does not need to be perfectly styled or staged – it would be great to see real life, so if there are toys strewn around or washing drying in the background, so be it.
  • It can be helpful to show that breastfeeding doesn’t always have to take place in a comfy chair – so photos of breastfeeding out and about or in interesting or unusual locations would also be great!

We would particularly welcome images from:

  • Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic or interracial families
  • Families living with a disability (whether this is a parent or child)
  • Parents in same-sex relationships
  • Trans parents
  • Younger parents
  • Families breastfeeding older children or tandem feeding
  • Blended families
  • Single parent families

We would also love to see images that represent the difficulties that can be associated with breastfeeding.

If you would like to contribute your image, details of how it may be used can be found on our photo consent form here.

Images can be sent to claire.dorby@breastfeedingnetwork.org.uk