Steroid injections and Breastfeeding Mothers

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The information provided is taken from various reference sources.  It is provided as a guideline.  No responsibility can be taken by the author or the Breastfeeding Network for the way in which the information is used.  Clinical decisions remain the responsibility of medical and breastfeeding practitioners.  The data presented here is intended to provide some immediate information but cannot replace input from professionals.

Corticosteroids may be injected locally to relieve inflammation and pain in joints.  They are given to relieve pain and increase mobility in a joint e.g. tennis elbow, housemaid’s knee.

Drug names include Depo-Medrone®, Depo-Medrone with Lidocaine®, Hydrocortistab®, and Kenalog®

There is no need to stop breastfeeding if you have one of these injections as the amount of steroid which will pass into your breastmilk will be very small and much less than the equivalent of 40milligrammes oral prednisolone which can safely be taken by a breastfeeding mother.


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