Positioning & Attachment

Positioning can help make ATTACHMENT more effective and comfortable, here’s how:

Your baby needs to be able to take a large mouthful of breast and feed effectively without causing you any discomfort.

Especially in the early days, you may find it more comfortable  to feed lying in a semi reclined position, with your body and head completely supported. In this  position your baby feeds while lying on your stomach, with their body and legs downwards. This way your baby can move towards your nipple and breast itself, with some gentle guidance if needed. You may prefer to breastfeed sitting_8008339 up with your baby lying across your body or in a rugby hold.

  • Sit comfortably with your back well supported.
  • Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor or raised on a stool or a pile of magazines or similar so that your lap is flat.


  • Keep the baby’s body in a straight line with whole body facing the food (nipple and breast)._8008332
  • Support the neck, shoulders and back so that the baby can tilt his/her head back easily.
  • Move the baby from your cleavage  towards the nipple.
  • Make sure the baby’s lower lip and chin is in contact with the breast first.



How do I know I am getting  it right?_8008334