First Milk Matters Training

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First Milk Matters training session

This is a short training session that can be used to raise awareness and increase knowledge about breastfeeding. It can be delivered by trained BfN tutors or ask about options for setting up a licence agreement to deliver the training yourself.

More information about the training

  • A 3 hour long interactive session with whole group and round table discussions
  • Evaluated using the accredited IOWA Infant feeding Attitudes Scale
  • Suitable for anyone working with families and children
  • Easily adapted for others who may come into contact with breastfeeding mums eg police officers, café/restaurant/shop staff, train/bus personnel
  • Can be offered to families and communities
  • Ideal for developing ‘Breastfeeding Friendly’ nurseries or schools

Outcomes from the training

  • Increased understanding of why breastfeeding is important
  • An understanding of how breastmilk is made and what can interfere with this
  • Knowledge of how breastmilk differs from formula
  • Increased knowledge of the cultural issues/barriers relating to breastfeeding
  • An understanding of how individuals can support breastfeeding
  • Increased awareness of where to signpost families for breastfeeding support

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