What’s happening in Derbyshire

Covid-19 Update

It’s a strange and unsettling time for everyone right now, especially new parents.

We’ve had to make some changes to our service to fit with venue closures, infection control measures and sensible distancing precautions, but there’s still lots of support we can offer you.

Please click link below for the update on where you can find Breastfeeding support in Derbyshire

COVID-19 Breastfeeding Peer Support Derbyshire

(Updated on 19/05/2021)

Normal Service

Since May 2018, Derbyshire County Council and Derbyshire Community Health Services have been working with The Breastfeeding Network to give breastfeeding mums the best possible chance of reaching their own breastfeeding goals.

In Derbyshire over 70 Breastfeeding Network volunteers provide breastfeeding peer support to families at 20 drop in groups. Our well trained Helpers provide emotional support to mothers and families, support mothers with positioning and attachment, and signpost mothers to further information. The Helpers who have all breastfed their own babies play an important role in empowering new mothers and helping them gain the confidence they need to breastfeed for as long as they wish.

You can find out more about our local drop in groups on their Facebook pages here:

We hold two to three training courses each year across the county for “Helpers” (peer supporters).  BfN training is open to all women who have breastfed their babies – mothers of all ages from many backgrounds; to enable them to widen their knowledge, skills and experience to support breastfeeding within their communities.  All training is free to mothers.  For more information please contact derbyshire@breastfeedingnetwork.org.uk.