What’s happening in Derbyshire

A group of mums and babies sit together in a circle.

Looking for breastfeeding support or just want to chat to another mum about breastfeeding?

Since May 2018, Derbyshire County Council and Derbyshire Community Health Services have been working with The Breastfeeding Network to give mums the best possible chance of reaching their own breastfeeding goals.

In Derbyshire, over 70 Breastfeeding Network volunteers now provide peer support to families at drop-in groups, on Facebook messenger, via zoom, and at Parent in the Park walks.

All of our support is completely free and complies with the latest government guidance.

Our well trained peer supporters provide emotional support to mothers and families, support mothers with positioning and attachment, and signpost mothers to further information. Our volunteers, who have all breastfed their own babies, play an important role in empowering new mothers and helping them gain the confidence they need to breastfeed for as long as they wish.

For more information or to find a group near you, click here.

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