Breastfeeding Support in Sutton

Are you looking for breastfeeding support or just want to chat to another mum about breastfeeding?

The Breastfeeding Network has trained peer support volunteers in your local area.

  • We have a team of friendly and experienced volunteers who are able to visit new parents and babies on the postnatal ward at St Helier Hospital to offer breastfeeding support.
  • Our volunteers can also be found in groups in the community, giving support with infant feeding.  Please follow our Facebook page @BfNSutton or email for up to date details of our groups.
  • You can also use our Facebook page to send a message to our volunteers for support.
  • You can call the National Breastfeeding Helpline on 0300 100 0212 or message them on Facebook @NationalBreastfeedingHelpline

Please be aware that emails and messages to our Facebook pages will be seen by a small team of volunteers. If you contact us by email please send just a brief outline of your question or concern initially so we can support you in the most appropriate way.  To find out how we look after your data you can go to