E-learning Package


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This e‐learning package is aimed at General Practitioners to support the delivery of the UNICEF Baby Friendly Community Award (stage 2) training.

Includes: an interactive CD ROM with quizzes to check learning and automatic
marking and feedback

  • voice over presentation
  • accompanying printout of powerpoint slides plus additional notes and references
  • Pocket pack for quick reference
  • BfN Drug Information sheets

The CD ROM can be completed in one session (approx 1 hour) or divided into 6 areas each of which finish with a quiz.

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Topics Covered

Importance of breastfeeding. Understanding national and local targets How breastfeeding works. Diagnosis and treatment of common problems which affect breastfeeding mothers including engorgement, sore nipples, mastitis and thrush. Management of poor weight gain. Prescribing for the breastfeeding mother: an understanding of licensing, pharmacokinetics of drug transfer, drugs which are contra indicated during breastfeeding and which should be used with care.