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Thank you for using this form to share your breastfeeding story. Everyone’s story is unique and we would like to collect and share as many stories as possible on our website during the Mums’ Milk run week and in the weeks afterwards. The form has a few different questions, please feel free to ignore them completely and just share your story or to pick and choose which ones seem relevant to you.


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    What were your thoughts about breastfeeding before your baby arrived?

    What were your first experiences of breastfeeding and becoming a parent like?

    How did feeding go in the first weeks and months?

    Did you get any support with breastfeeding at any point in your feeding journey?

    What type of support did you find the most useful and why?

    How do you feel now about breastfeeding and your own breastfeeding experience?

    What have you learnt along the way?

    Would you change anything if you could do it all again?

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    We would love to have some photos to share alongside stories, if you are happy to have your photo displayed on our website please email it to and include your name and email so we can match it to your story

    Please be aware that we may need to edit stories for space or other reasons and that we may not be able to share every story on our website.