Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire

We provide one-to-one support across Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire by telephone, text and face to face.

Our friendly and experienced support workers attend the post-natal wards of the Royal Berkshire Hospital nearly every day in order to invite mothers to sign up for the (free) service that we offer. They are often able to provide support and information at the mother’s bedside, if requested.

Mothers who have signed up are then entitled to receive one-to-one support for a six-week period, as much or as little as they need, by phone, text or in person as they prefer.

Face-to-face support is offered via our various drop-in clinics around the area where mothers can arrange to meet their supporter. Home visits can be requested, though they are prioritised for mums who cannot travel. Our supporters are generally available 9am-9pm; sometimes also at weekends. Mothers praise the flexibility of our service which is often available at a time when other health professionals are not.

In addition to this personalised one-to-one support service our drop-in clinics can be accessed by any mother at any time, whether she is pre- or post-natal and regardless of the age of her baby. These clinics operate on a weekly basis and offer face-to-face support from both paid BfN staff and volunteers.No appointment is necessary (with the exception of the breastfeeding clinic at the Royal Berkshire Hospital). Details can be found at:

Our supporters are all mums who have breastfed their own child(ren) and have been trained to guide mothers through the basics, answer their questions and concerns and help them to get breastfeeding established.

Mothers who wish to access our service but who were not signed up in hospital can contact us on 07501 466818 to arrange their support.

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