We currently offer a volunteer-led drop-in service across Wokingham. 

Confidential face-to-face support is offered by peer support volunteers via our various support sessions around the area. Our drop-ins can be accessed by any mother/breastfeeding parent, whether they are pre- or post-natal and regardless of the age of their child/ren. Our volunteers have breastfed their own child/ren and have been trained to guide mothers and breastfeeding parents through the basics, help them to get breastfeeding established, and to listen to any questions or concerns regarding any stage of a breastfeeding journey. 

Support can also be offered via video call if preferred. 

To book a face-to-face appointment or video call, or if you would be interested in training with BfN and volunteering in the Wokingham area, please email Wokingham@breastfeedingnetwork.org.uk or visit our local Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Breastfeeding-Network-Wokingham-area-100975088232671 

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Updated 26/05/2022