Jenna and Connor’s Story

My son was born in July 2013 and throughout my pregnancy, I had spoken about breastfeeding with my midwife after I was given a Bump to Breastfeeding DVD to watch. I mentioned that it was something I would definitely like to try.
The first few hours/days after arriving home all was fine with the feeding, even though it felt as if Connor was constantly attached to my breast! However, one morning when he was 3 days old, I cried as I placed him to my breast, I was shattered and my nipples were sore! 5.30am and I asked my partner to get formula from the shop, he barely registered me and went back to sleep. I’m glad he did! I called the community midwives and they sent a lovely midwife to me called Ruth who showed me different feeding positions, which was a life saver! I also invested in some cream that definitely saved my painful nipples.
I also started going to a local breastfeeding support group when Connor was around a month old, that was a great place for help, support, guidance and a cuppa. I also met other breastfeeding mums which was great.
Family and friends were a great support too, helping with Connor in other ways. I also fed in public, the first few times I used a nursing cover until I gained confidence. Soon after I no longer felt the need to use the cover. I would get the odd stare but it didn’t bother me and fortunately I didn’t experience any negativity.
I exclusively fed Connor for 6 and a half months until we weaned, but continued to breastfeed until he was 18 months old, he was still having the odd feed throughout the day. When our breastfeeding journey came to an end, I was gutted but knew I had done my best and provides my son with the best start in life. I look back now and I’m so glad I chose to breastfeed, we both eventually took to it easily (after a bit of help).