Jemma’s Story

Jemma’s story about getting support from the BfN

Just been to my little one’s development check, he’s 2 yrs old today, and the wonderful Becky was there. I met Becky at a Children’s Centre in West Bromwich when he was just 1 day old!! I knew his latch wasn’t right as I was in too much pain too soon, so I went to my nearest BfN session as I was determined to breastfeed this little one till he decided otherwise.

I also knew that if I didn’t get the help and support immediately I would not have lasted the week, (I did also call the helpline, but I was unsure of how long call backs took so decided to head to a group, as it turned out that call came back within minutes as we were heading out the door). I met Becky at the session and felt better just knowing there was help available. Becky checked my latch, which looked fine, but we could tell it was very shallow by the tell-tale lipstick shape nipple after each nurse. Becky invited us to attend another session the following day, and she then came out and visited us the following day to see how we were getting on. The last time I saw Becky was at a session on Weaning when my little one was around 5mths old. I was so pleased to see her today, and thank her, because of her, and the good work you do, my 2yr old is still being breast fed on demand, and I know without a shadow of doubt that had Breastfeeding Network not been around, we would not have lasted 5 days. My little one and I have so much to thank you for, and it was lovely to spend a little bit of his special day with Becky. Thank you, so much.