I Haven’t Managed to Stop Smoking

I haven’t managed to stop smoking although I have cut it down while I am pregnant.  Would my baby be better being fed formula or is it still worth breastfeeding? I would like to keep cutting down on cigarettes but just knowing I could have one if I needed to would help.

It is still much better to breastfeed if you smoke. Your milk will protect your baby from some of the effects of smoke. If possible limit your smoking to after a feed and go outside if possible to keep the smoke to a minimum (this holds for breastfeeding and bottle-feeding).

Some mothers find it helps to keep a jacket by the door to cover their clothes and protect them from picking up the smell of smoke.

Encourage everyone who visits to smoke outside and away from your windows. If you travel with your baby in a car, keep it smoke free.

Consider using nicotine patches to reduce your need for a cigarette, these are safe to use while breastfeeding and will reduce the amount of nicotine in your breastmilk. It is important to avoid smoking in the same room as your baby. Download the Breastfeeding Network Smoking and Smoking Cessation Information sheet.