Frequently Asked Questions about training with BfN

What will it cost me?

Training to become a BfN Helper should normally be free to mothers, although this is dependant on the availability of funding.

Will BfN training improve my chances of employment?

We cannot guarantee that training with the BfN will lead to paid employment with the BfN or elsewhere but it may improve your employment prospects by giving you an accredited qualification, work experience and up-to-date references to apply for a job in the future.

How long am I expected to volunteer with BfN after training?

As our training is free to trainees we hope you will volunteer with us once you have completed your course. There is no limit on how short or long this should be, in the past we have found that Helpers remain registered on average for 2.3 years and Supporters remain registered an average for 6.7 years.

I am a heath professional – can I do a training course with you?

Currently, our main training is for mothers who have breastfed who wish to train as volunteer Helpers and Supporters. We do run courses specifically for health professionals and others.  Please see our Training page for more information.

I have not had a baby/ breastfed can I train?

Currently, our peer support training is aimed predominantly at mothers who have breastfed.  Please see our Training page for information about our other courses.

I am a doula, can I train with BfN?

Please check our Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policy for more information about this.

Can I bring my baby to BfN training?

Babes in arms are welcome at all BfN events.