BfN Trustee

The Board of Trustees is made up of a mix of member directors and directors with key experience that they can bring to the organisation.

Current Board chair Ann Kerr stated:

“The experience of working as a Board member has been an enjoyable and enriching one, working closely with other Trustees from a range of backgrounds, all contributing to developing BfN and taking the organisation forward in difficult times.  The commitment to meetings and the work involved has, for me, has been more than outweighed by the positives.  As volunteers there is a natural turnover of membership, some of the current members have served for over 5 years and others started last summer. When the first non-member directors were appointed, the Board recognised that there was a risk of imbalance in the Board membership and took through a revision of our Memorandum of Association, so that the member directors always form at least half of the Board.”

We are looking for new Member directors to keep that precious balance and give long serving members a break. If you are interested in either the Treasurer role or becoming a member director then Ann Kerr as current chair is happy to discuss the experience and commitment needed. We can also put you in touch with other Trustees who have been involved for a few years if that would be helpful.