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Training Opportunities with The Breastfeeding Network



Training Aims


The Breastfeeding Network has developed training opportunities which aim to be open to mothers of all ages from many communities; to enable them to widen their knowledge, skills and experience to support breastfeeding within their communities.


Training starts with Breastfeeding Helpers (peer support course), which can stand alone, or may lead to the longer Breastfeeding Matters More course and the opportunity to become a BfN Registered Breastfeeding Supporter.


Below are some quotes from people who have trained with us:

”Training to be a Breastfeeding Supporter was one of my best decisions ever. It’s been incredibly rewarding and moving to support other mums who choose to breastfeed their babies. A side effect of the thorough and interesting training is the feeling of achievement and value I’ve experienced”
(BfN Breastfeeding Supporter)


“Excellent course, interesting, informative and up-to-date!”
(Health Visitor on 2-session course designed for PCT)


“As a new health visitor I have learnt so much, thank you kindly”
(Health Visitor on day and a half course designed for PCT)


The BfN Breastfeeding Helpers course gave me so much more than I imagined. I gained not only knowledge but also the confidence to know that I can make a difference”
(Midwifery Care Assistant)

“I have always felt the need somehow, to be part of an organisation which could provide really good support to new Mums especially to those with mental health problems, either pre existing or problems that arise as a result of being a new Mum. I feel that starting work with the Breastfeeding Network as a peer support worker would be an excellent way of providing support in an area I feel fairly experienced in whilst being able to be a Mum without going back to paid work.”
(Jenifer, BfN Registered Helper)


“Excellent course – well structured, well-organised, learning broken down into manageable sections”
End of Helpers course evaluation


“ I found the course s a whole really interesting, I found the group work and one-to-one sessions interesting as I was able to see other points of view and got to understand and appreciate other mothers experiences”
End of Helpers course evaluation